Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools

STARS is looking for early adopter cities! 

STARS is looking for early adopter cities that would like to implement the STARS Accreditation programme in primary schools and the peer-to-peer Youth Travel Ambassador Scheme in secondary schools.

With the project under way in 8 cities and one region, STARS is now looking for early adopter cities and/or regions that would like to join the project and implement a sustainable school travel programme to reduce the number of car journeys to school.

As part of this process, STARS will organise free training workshops to share experience and knowledge from the project, teach the Accreditation and YTAS methodologies, and provide initial coaching on how to set up and implement the activities. 

If your city is interested in running the STARS programme, and would like to attend one of the training sessions, please contact STARS Project Coordinator Alex Quayle at for further information and guidance on how to get started.