Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools



Bielefeld is an industrial and car dominated city with no cycling tradition for children. Bielefeld is located in the central part of Germany and has 330,000 inhabitants.

By working with at least 20 primary schools and 8 secondary schools on the accreditation and recognition schemes, the aim is to support a bicycle culture among children. Children should be able to travel to school by bike independently in early life. They (and their parents) should experience the benefits of cycling and both learn to use the bicycle as a normal means of transport when they become older. 

More cyclists in the streets and more respectful and considerate behaviour among road users would result in less carbon emissions, less noise and a more liveable city.

STARS Activities in Bielefeld

  • Two Stars primary schools prepared their students playfully before the cycling proficiency test. Students could borrow scooters during the breaks and drive lucky lines on the floor.
  • Older Students analyzed the school run situation of their school with an innovative analysis app. Groups of four students check the main school run against criteria of security and convenience. First they received training on the characteristics of safe routes to school. In the second step, students took pictures of special situations of their school run. In the third step students presented the results to an expert commission of the department of traffic and the head of department as well. The results are used in the optimization of the school runs. Everybody who can view the results of the school run check on a website so its possible to choose the safest way to school. This project gives students the ability to participate in shaping their environment, allowing them to replace the parent-taxi with the bike. More information:
  • Students designed their own lessons on various subjects, found out extracurricular teaching places via Google Street View and visited these by bicycle or walked there.

City Facts

Inhabitants: 330,000

Number of primary schools: 47

Number of secondary schools: 34

Involved primary schools: 3

Involved secondary schools: 0 

Km roads & streets: 1.390 km

Km bicycle paths & lanes: 405 km

Car ownership 152.675 

Children getting escorted by car: ca. 33 %