Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools



Brussels is the capital and largest city in Belgium with more than one million inhabitants. It is a car dominated city which complicates the creation of a real cycling culture - among pupils and students.  

Brussels have set ambitious targets of car use reduction by 20% in 2018 and the STARS project is in line with this. During the project, 15 secondary schools will take part to increase the number of cycling students by 2 percentage points, which amounts to a mean share of 5%. The students will not only raise the number of cyclists in their own school, but they will make a link with existing initiatives for promoting cycling in Brussels.

STARS Activities in Brussels

  • Red carpet days, inciting students to cycle to school and reward the those who actually do it. In addition, non announced red carpet days can be organised to reward the daily cyclists.
  • Bike pooling or Bike Bus, organised by older students, in order to make it possible to younger ones to ride to school by bike. Support by parents is needed at startup.
  • Applause action rewarding and encouraging all cyclists passing in the streets in the schools neighbourhood.
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City Facts

Inhabitants: 1,164,000

Number of primary schools: 500

Number of secondary schools: 138

Involved primary schools: 0

Involved secondary schools: 3 

Km roads & streets: 1,810 km

Km bicycle paths & lanes: 181 km

Car ownership: 0.46 

Children getting escorted by car: 46 %