Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools



Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and is located on the banks of the Danube in the northern centre of Hungary. The city has 1.7 million inhabitants.

Budapest has ambitious goals and is expecting an increase in the use of cycling to a modal share of 5% in 2015. This objective is supported by the STARS project where 16 primary schools will be involved in the STARS accreditation scheme. 

Although there is a long tradition for the European Mobility Week this is the first organised by STARS partner BKK including a car free Sunday. BKK had a joint BKK and STARS stand where the leaflet was disseminated and interested visitors of the stand was informed about the project.

STARS Activities in Budapest

  • Temporary test tracks in the courtyard of schools where pupils can practice traffic rules and safe cycling. The equipment includes poles with traffic signs, traffic lights and bicycles and aims to educate pupils on traffic safety by modelling real-life examples on different traffic situations in various conditions.
  • Organising breakfast at STARS schools for pupils arriving by using active modes of transport. BKK contributes to the organisation of breakfast by providing pastries and by facilitating the delivery of food to schools. During May, BKK helps all STARS secondary schools with the breakfasts.
  • Set up of dark tents in which pupils can see how different light-reflective gear facilitate the recognition of cyclists in dark. The equipment consits of a tent, three dummies dressed in different outfits and a bicycle which is fixed on a cycle trainer. The students can enter the dark tent, can get on the bike and use the bike light to illuminate the 3 dummies. The 3 different outfit of dummies reflect light differently. This helps pupils to understand the importance of visibility in dark which is a major safety issue.
  • Workshops on how to fix bicycles. These activites are organised by STARS primary schools for their pupils using the bicycle service packages provided by BKK at the end of the first school year. During the workshops, pupils can learn how to repair minor defects on their bikes.

City Facts

Inhabitants: 1,700,000

Number of primary schools: 327

Number of secondary schools: 364

Involved primary schools: 17

Involved secondary schools: 7

Km roads & streets: 4,500 km

Km bicycle paths & lanes: 110 km

Car ownership: 0.32 

Children getting escorted by car: No data