Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools



Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is the leading authority on cycling. It has set ambitious targets by signing up to the Charter of Brussels- – this means that the aspiration is to reach a mode share of 15% for cycling by 2020. It has also committed to 5% of its capital and revenue budget to cycling. It is developing an Active Travel Action Plan (ATAP), which will target increases in walking and cycling, as well as actions for improving the infrastructure and environment for walking and cycling in Edinburgh. It will also market and promote the benefits of walking and cycling, as well as the facilities available.

Edinburgh has joined STARS To promote cycle to schools to both parents and especially children, to decrease car use on the school run and for other short journeys and because the average number of young people cycling to school is very low at 1%. Many young people are not aware of the existing cycling infrastructure so promotion through STARS will lead to more cycling to school and for other short journeys.

Inhabitants: 495,000

Number of primary schools: 87

Number of secondary schools: 23

Involved primary schools: 11

Involved secondary schools: 4 

Km roads & streets: 55,700 km

Km bicycle paths & lanes: 

Car ownership: 0.66 (per household)

Children getting escorted by car: 23%