Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools

STARS final conference - VIDEO available online!

Find here the video of the Final Conference!

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STARS final conference - presentations available!

STARSPTP-Cycle, and MOBI projects organised a conference on 18 February 2016 in Brussels to present results and share knowledge with European cities on embedding cycling culture in schools through accreditation and peer-to-peer methods, delivering personalised travel advice, and promoting sustainable mobility among employees through gamification.

Find here all details and presentations about STARS!


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Cycling St. Nicholas’ Day in School No 39 in Krakow

11 December 2015

The YTAS Young Travel Ambassadors from Lower Secondary School No 39 in Krakow, participating in the STARS project, organised the cycling St. Nicholas’ Day in their school. The event was addressed both to the Lower Secondary School pupils and to their younger friends from primary school.

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Learning on the Move – a trip to an apple farm

2 November 2015

On 1 October 2015 ninth-grade pupils from Ernst-Hansen special educational needs school set off on a 30 km-long bike ride, through the scenic landscape, to attend a trip to apple farm to harvest the fruit. 

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STARS relay bike ride on “Mobile without Cars Day” in Bielefeld 

26 October 2015

STARS participated in the Bielefeld ‘Mobile without cars day’ on the 27th of September. On this day of activities, which takes place every two years, a 17.5 km long main traffic stretch between the towns of Bielefeld and Herford was closed off to motorised vehicles.

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STARS comes to Villanueva del Pardillo (Spain)!

16 October 2015

On the weekend of 26 September 2015 the City Council of Villanueva del Pardillo held a two day event to promote the use of sustainable modes transport to school and to foster a positive attitude towards active travel in students. STARS partners from Madrid were invited to take part in the event and support the STARS programme in Villanueva del Pardillo.

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Accreditation ceremony of the 2nd STARS school year in Budapest

9 October 2015

In September 2015 BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) hosted teachers, students and other stakeholders for the accreditation ceremony of the second year of STARS programme. The ceremony was also used to launch the third year of the STARS project.

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Cycle Friendly School award for Broomhouse primary

4 September 2015

Throughout this year Broomhouse Primary School have run a wide range of cycling activities which have contributed to the school receiving the Cycle Friendly School award from Cycling Scotland. 

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The second year of STARS in Milan 

31 August 2015

The second year of the project in Milan ended with some significant results and interactions with other cycling mobility initiatives. The school Pisacane-Poerio  was the first primary school getting the accreditation, and there was a very good participation in the Cycle Challenge, as last year.

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STARS in Budapest: in 2015 primary schools participation has more than doubled

28 August 2015

Being a developing cycling city, Budapest had great ambition in involving many new schools in the STARS school year 2014/2015. By November 2014, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport managed to get 12 new primary schools engaged, which means that altogether 17 schools were striving for STARS accreditation this year.

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Bike treasure hunt - STARS WARS

26 August 2015

On 10 June in the park of the Academy of Physical Education in Kraków teams from primary schools No. 1 and 126 came up against each other in a bike treasure hunt. 

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Sunny rides to High School

21 August 2015

Davidsons Mains Primary P7’S had a great day cycling to their new high school, Royal High. All four of the Primary schools who will go to Royal High after the summer holidays enjoyed the ‘transition’ ride from their primary school, pedalling through the woods on the way. 

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STARS secondary schools and BKK Centre for Budapest Transport collaborated intensively in 2014/2015

14 August 2015

Getting secondary school pupils engaged is often very challenging, therefore BKK put special emphasis on the involvement of Youth Travel Ambassadors and their schools in the school year 2014/2015. Particular attention was paid to face-to-face meetings among STARS Advisors and Youth Travel Ambassadors which resulted in 5 thematic workshops aiming to address the various STARS activities throughout the year. 

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North Brabant: 19 primary schools with STARS-shield

10 August 2015

Brabant has 24 schools participating in STARS. Of these, 19 received their STARS shield for meeting the STARS criteria for supporting sustainable mobility. The Mobility commissioner of the province of North Brabant, Christophe van der Maat, presented the accreditation ceremony on the 8th of July.

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A feeling like the Film festival in Cannes!

3 August 2015

The campaign “Red Carpet” was inaugurated on 16th of June 2015 in the district Heepen (about 47.000 citizens) and declared six parent stations (Kiss and Ride) open.

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10 bike trains and 7 walking buses ongoing in Madrid

30 July 2015

In the second year of STARS, 16 out of 22 primary schools have carried out several routes of bike trains and walking buses in Madrid. Identified as one of the best tools to involve pupils and parents in the modal change, most of schools have managed any of the alternatives or, in one case, both of them.

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STARS Cycling Challenge 2015 in Kraków

27 July 2015

The second edition of the Cycling Challenge in Kraków lasted from 18 May - 12 June. 9 post-primary schools involved in the STARS project participated. More than 200 students and teachers were enrolled in the Challenge. The novelty was that participants not only declared bicycle trips but also on foot.

In total, within four weeks students rode and walked to school more than 3,000 km!

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Bielefeld visitors welcomed by the Edinburgh STARS team

24 July 2015

On Tuesday 23rd June, Mark Symonds, City of Edinburgh Council Road Safety Officer, and Sam Moody, Sustainable Travel Development Officer, welcomed a group of 29 students and teacher Malika Hauer from the Ratsgymnasium (Bielefeld, Germany).  A group of Leith Academy students, along with 3 teachers led by Rajni Punn, joined Mark and the German students on a coastal bike ride from Leith to Cramond.

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The secundary school KA Atheneum (Vilvoorde) joined the cycle challenge

21 July 2015

From 11 May to 5 June they tried to cycle as much as possible to their school. 45 students and teachers took part. All together they cycled 2130 kilometers.

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Bicycles, for as far as the eye could see

17 July 2015

Children on bicycles for as far as the eye could see was the spectacular sight in Hackney on Thursday 18 June as the borough’s fifth annual mass bike ride took to the roads, with youngsters from STARS Europe primary and secondary schools out in force.

​Bike Around the Borough (BATB), organised by Hackney Council in partnership with the Met Police and sponsored by Volker Highways and Berkeley Homes, saw hundreds of young cyclists from more than a third of the borough’s schools complete a nine-mile circuit of Hackney. 

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City Cycling Bielefeld 2015

3 July 2015

This year’s City Cycling took place in Bielefeld from 7th June of 2015 to 27th June of 2015. 25 schools in Bielefeld entered, including the 13 STARS-schools (7 primary schools and 6 secondary schools).

Added together 1304 pupils accomplished to cycle an overall result of 113.476 km in only three weeks.

939 pupils of the STARS-schools compete and achieved 60.843 km which conformed a distance of 1.51 times circumnavigation of the equator. By that 8.761 kg of CO2e were conserved.

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Prince Willem Alexander School wins €500

22 June 2015

Overjoyed, that’s what they are: STARS school “Prince Willem Alexander” in Sprang-Capelle (Netherlands) won €500 for their road safety measure.

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Second Brussels bicycle picnic

13 May 2015

The STARS Ambassadors from the Maria Boodschap Lyceum have started a picnic tradition:  because they are eager to share their experiences with other ambassadors, champions or new candidate schools, they organised a presentation and an exchange moment. Last year's Brussels bike ride and picnic worked so well that this year’s exchange was organized in the exact same way.

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Cycle Challenge starts in Hackney and Milan

5 May 2015

On 27 April, the STARS Cycle Challenge for secondary school students kicked-off for its second edition. Hackney and Milan are first to start, with the other cities following over summer, while several important improvements have been made to make the Cycle Challenge even more attractive and exciting to students.

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4th STARS Newsletter is out!

20 April 2015

After a successful first year, STARS Europe has started strong in 2015 – as the diversity of reports shows in this newsletter. From Krakow schools continuing their activities even during wintertime to best practice exchanges between Edinburgh and Madrid, STARS cities are working hard to get more kids cycling and walking to school.

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Edinburgh Pupils Practice their Cycling Skills!

6 March 2015

Edinburgh secondary school pupils at the Edinburgh City Bike Schools launch on Friday 6th March.

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Hackney Youth Travel Ambassadors win a ticket to ride, or walk!

17 Februar 2015

​Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTAs) from four Hackney schools showcased their STARS active travel project ideas at an adrenaline-fuelled “Campaign Junction” event on Wednesday 28 January at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston. The YTAs were there to persuade a panel of four judges, all experts in sustainable transport and behaviour change, that their campaigns were worth investments of up to £300.

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STARS at Kelenvölgyi Elementary School, Budapest

21 November 2014

In this interview, Judit Szűcsné Geszti, the STARS Champion of the Kelenvölgyi Elementary School in Budapest, talks about the experience gained and her experience in the first year of the project.

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Hackney STARS primary schools on the march!

16 October 2014

October has been International Walk to School Month, and STARS primary schools in Hackney have been celebrating with a range of activities to promote walking to school, and other modes of sustainable travel.
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Brussels Youth Travel Ambassadors take STARS project in their own hands

16 October 2014

While new STARS schools in Brussels are recruiting pupils to become STARS ambassadors, last year’s pilot schools are continuing their efforts to promote cycling to their students. In the Maria Assumptalyceum, the peer-to-peer programme has achieved its ultimate goal: the students have taken the project into their own hands and are independently planning their own actions.

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Hackney schools star at local workshop

13 October 2014

Hackney held its annual STARS Europe local workshop on Wednesday 1 October at the Hackney Picturehouse. 26 staff and students from 19 primary and secondary schools in the borough attended alongside officers from Hackney Council and Transport for London to celebrate the achievements of schools that completed their first year of STARS Europe, and also to welcome new schools to the project for 2014/15.
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Krakow schools receive accreditations in award ceremony

03 October 2014

On 23 September, STARS schools from Krakow received their accreditations in Krakow's Central Wielopolskich Palace

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STARS partners participating in European Mobility Week

17 September 2014

​STARS Europe partners are all over the place in their respective cities during European Mobility Week. Well placed at the beginning of the new school year, Mobility Week is organized each year between 16 and 22 September. We give you an overview of where you can meet STARS partner organizations, schools, students and advisors!

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STARS Europe in Krakow looks back at the school year 2013/2014

3 September 2014

Implementation of the first year of the STARS Project in Krakow schools ended in June. 

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Interview with Sofie Walschap, Attaché at Brussels Mobility

Sofie Walscap reviews the first year of the STARS YTAS in Brussels and discusses the importance of cycling from a young age. Interview in English and Dutch.
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Bielefeld: Pupils cycle 39,000km

22 July 2014

Pupils of the 12 secondary schools, 2 special needs schools and 6 primary schools can be very proud of the result of the Cycle Challenge and “Stadtradeln”. 

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Bicycle Hares and Hounds in Krakow

01 July 2014

On 11th June school number 126 from Krakow organized two activities. The first was a trip around a district called Tour de Mistrzejowice. About 30 pupils, assisted by teachers and STARS Advisor, started from school’s playground and rode along the borders of the district.

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Hackney students bike around the borough

18 June 2014

On Thursday 12 June, Hackney roads were taken over by budding young cyclists en route to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP). Hackney saw it's largest Bike Around the Borough (BATB) yet with 378 Hackney school children taking part.&n....Read more

Cycle Challenge and Bike Picnic in Krakow

3 June 2014

Three schools from Krakow have started the the Cycling Challenge on 19th of May. Three secondary schools are participating with 9 teams, including 93 pupils and even their teachers. STARS Champions reported that pupils we....Read more

‘Hackney Motion Pictures’: School travel film competition

28 May 2014

Budding young movie directors in Hackney primary schools have been busy producing short films aimed at encouraging young people to keep safe when they’re on the move.

Led by Junior Road....Read more

STARS ambassadors in Brussels conclude first year with bike picnic

26 May 2014

The first year of STARS has yielded many inspirational bike promotion activities, so the time was right to let the STARS ambassadors show their achievements. On 22 May 2014, they gathe....Read more

Bielefeld: Schools are looking forward to starting the Cycle Challenge

15 May 2014
On 10 June 2014 eight schools from Bielefeld will start participation in the STARS Cycle Challenge. Five secondary schools and three primary schools will compete in the four week competition. The aim is to enco....Read more

STARS students lead Cyclopride Day parade in Milan

12 May 2014

On Sunday, May 11th, the yearly Cyclopride Day took place in many Italian towns, including Milan. The main part of the event was a car-free cycle route, which in Milan was cycled by 10,000 people. The route in Milan started at the i....Read more

Motivation for STARS schools:  'It can always be even safer'

12 May 2014

Fourteen primary schools in Noord-Brabant (Netherlands) are participating in STARS. Participation in the EU-project STARS offers additional benefits to the traffic education program 'Read more

Red carpet day and buddy system at the Maria-Boodschapslyceum in Brussels

09 May 2014

The STARS-ambassadors of the Maria-Boodschaplyceum in the heart of Brussels made a gr....Read more

Brussels competing in the STARS Cycle Challenge

30 April 2014

On Monday 28th of April the Brussels edition of the STARS Cycle Challenge contest was kicked-off. Three secondary schools in Belgium’s capital are taking part in this four-week contest. During that month the students will s....Read more

“Truancy on two wheels” and STARS Critical Mass in Krakow

15 April 2014

On March 21, the first day of spring, Primary School No. 1 in Krakow organized a bicycle ride under the slogan "Truancy on two wheels" as part of the STARS project. In beautiful spring weather, th....Read more

STARS schools impress judges at Transport for London (TfL) pitch event

8 April 2014

STARS Europe and Youth Travel Ambassador (YTA) secondary school students competed for the chance to win £300 from TfL in a cross-borough pitch event ....Read more

Students pimp their vests in Brussels

20 March 2014

Students at one of the STARS schools 'Maria Boodschap Lyceum' located in the heart of Brussels are organising a work....Read more

We hopped on our bikes in Budapest

17 March 2014

Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) carried out many improvements in Budapest recently in order to make the city a cleaner and nic....Read more

Five STARS schools start in Bielefeld 

07 March 2014

How to engage students to drive to school by bike? After many months of planning and capacity building Bielefeld is now pushing ahead with the first delivery pha....Read more


05 March 2014 - By Krzysztof Nil Ryba

Within the framework of the STARS project, a series of classes under the name of “Cykloedukacja” (Cycloeducation) are administered in schools. The pupils participat....Read more

STARS schools get creative with cycling campaigns in Hackney

05 March 2014

Hackney students involved in STARS Europe have been exploring the world of creative media to produce some unique cycling campaigns designed to put cycling in the....Read more

STARS Ambassadors in Madrid claim for “streets for all”

05 March 2014

As one of the tasks of STARS programme, students are developing their own campaigns to encourage bike use among their peers. The 2nd Ambassadors Wor....Read more

STARS starts in Budapest as well! 

05 March 2014

"Children are not likely to come to school on foot or by bicycle because their parents drop them off on their way to work....Read more

Happy Velotines!

04 March 2014

The Maria Assumptalyceum uses the Feast of Love to promote cycling to school.

All around the world, the 14th of February has become a day dominated by love. Whether you love  it, or hate i....Read more

BVL-school Bukehof: "STARS keeps us keen"

04 March 2014

Noord-Brabant is amidst an intensive period of enlistment. We are getting in touch with schools to join STARS, proceeding from the traffic education program....Read more

YTAS activities up and running in Milan

04 March 2014

From the very early start of schools recruitment for STARS Europe in Milan, the secondary schools showed a lot of interest in the Youth Travel Ambassad....Read more

Tynecastle High School venture ‘Forth’ in Edinburgh

03 March 2014

First year pupils who were taking part in their Junior Award Scheme Scotland were given the chance to cycle to....Read more

16 schools join the cycling revolution at Hackney STARS Europe local workshop

25 October 2013

STARS Europe was put in the limelight at the Hackney Picturehouse on 24 October, as STARS Champions from 16 schools gathered for an inspiring day at the....Read more

Launching STARS in Madrid

23 September 2013

After some meetings and presentations in which schools heads and champions were engaged, it was needed a special activity to encourage pupils and to give some vi....Read more