Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools

Cycling St. Nicholas’ Day in School No 39 in Krakow

11 December 2015

The YTAS Young Travel Ambassadors from Lower Secondary School No 39 in Krakow, participating in the STARS project, organised the cycling St. Nicholas’ Day in their school. The event was addressed both to the Lower Secondary School pupils and to their younger friends from primary school.

On 4 December, once the lessons were over, the class teams participated in a very interesting event. At first, there was a quiz on cycling for the lower secondary school pupils and then the individual primary school classes presented their cycling apparel for the St. Nicholas’ Day. Those activities were carried out as a competition and the winners received attractive cycling-related prizes of the STARS project.

What is more, after calculating the score, two winning classes received the main prize in a form of a meeting with a mobile cycle repairer.

Dr Albin, with his mobile cycle repair service, visited the pupils on 8 December. During two sessions, Dr Albin told the pupils about cycling curiosities, described the structure of a cycle and, what is most important, carried out the practical classes, pointing to the popular cycle failures. The willing pupils could try their luck e.g. at replacing an inner tube. Dr Albin also promised to visit other schools participating in the STARS project.