Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools



The City of Krakow is a historical city with more than 700,000 inhabitants, located in the south of Poland. Krakow cycling network is not very well integrated, and the municipality is working to link large areas with bike paths creating a network of routes connecting important areas of the city. 

The main objective of the STARS project in Krakow is the promotion of the bicycle as an everyday mode of transport among students and their parents. With the help of non-governmental organizations Krakow aims to show students the advantages of moving around the city by bike.

Krakow will involve at least 16 primary schools in the accreditation scheme and work with nine schools on peer-to-peer engagement.

STARS Activities in Krakow


Lessons for students of primary and secondary schools concerning various cycling issues. During such sessions there is presentation as well as practical workshops concerning: types of bicycles, safety issues (solutions for cyclists, traffic signs) and many examples from all over world. It is also good occasion to discuss and exchange opinions between students concerning cycling and use of other modes of transport in Krakow.


Organized with a bicycle service station (shop) from the neighborhood. During such meetings students have opportunity to learn: 

- about parts of the bicycle,
- how to maintain the bicycle properly,
- how to change a tire or fix the chain.

Painting competition

Children in primary schools are provided with paint and brushes and have the opportunity to paint their own bicycle T-shirt. This T-shirt can be used later during different events as the paint is permanent.

Bicycle rides

Organized by schools individually. School's Critical Mass organized annually. In 2015, on the 25th of April the Mass went along Krakow with 930 cyclists mostly from STARS schools.

City Facts

Inhabitants: 758,000

Number of primary schools: 131

Number of secondary schools: 324

Involved primary schools: 16

Involved secondary schools: 9 

Km roads & streets: 1,383 km

Km bicycle paths & lanes: 127 km

Car ownership 0.5