Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools



Madrid City is the core of a highly populated metropolitan area of nearly 6 million inhabitants. The area is undergoing an intense process of urbanisation and decentralization of production, commercial and employment activities.

Madrid joins the STARS project to introduce cycling culture to children and young people, to promote and increase bicycle use, and encourage the adoption of policies and creation of infrastructure to make bike commuting more comfortable and safe.

This lack of cycling culture and of urban bike use means that trips by bike represent around 1% in Madrid. The target is to reach 3% in 2016, supported by involvement in the STARS project and other iniciatives like the e-bike sharing scheme launched in 2014.

The city is working with 22 primary schools and 11 secondary schools on the accreditation scheme and the peer-to-peer engagement activities, that can be followed in the blog STARS Madrid.

STARS Activities in Madrid

Campaign for parents promoting cycling and walking to school. 

Messages from pupils focus in parent fears and children autonomy. More information and imagest at

Promotion of bike trains

To promote bike trains to school,  new families interested were offered a breakfast and the possibility to ride a test-route around the neighborhood with pupils and parents. To promote the test-route, ambassadors produced a funny video.

More information in and

Integrating bike culture in literacy and writing classes

Pupils create stories, tales, poems and ilustrations about cycling.  

More information and examples at

Poster painting and short stories competitions

Competitions were held in visual arts and language classes about cycling benefits and other attributes.  

More information and winner posters in

City Facts

Inhabitants: 3,234,000

Number of primary schools: 561

Number of secondary schools: 412

Involved primary schools: 22

Involved secondary schools: 11 

Km roads & streets: 4,500 km

Km bicycle paths & lanes: 447 km

Car ownership 0.46

Children getting escorted by car: 25%