Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools



Milan is the dynamic centre of northern Italy with 1.3 million inhabitants. Milan City Council aims for significant traffic reduction in the city, and to promote public transport and active transport modes.

The objective in Milan is to achieve a 5% change in modal shift to active travel modes for journeys between home and school. Even more importantly, the STARS approach has the potential to change the modal shift for the long-term future of Milan, by fostering a cycling culture among young citizens. This will lead to a real improvement of quality of life, health and autonomy.

Milan will work with at least 25 primary schools on the accreditation scheme and 10 secondary schools on peer-to-peer engagement activities.

STARS Activities in Milan

  • A workshop at city level for representatives of the YTAS. The participants were divided in 5 groups each of these worked with an expert (artist, social media, transport planner, organizer of events and communication, social researcher) to plan an initiative. at the end the students were given a sort of vademecum by each expert.
  • The parents' association of Cadorna primary schools organizes free activities and workshops on Saturday afternoons, when the school is usually closed, to give families a place to meet in the neighborhood. One of them was completely dedicated to the promotion of cycling.
  • A group of YTAS organized a campaign to raise their teachers' awareness on the problem of the excessive weight of schoolbags: they weighted their schoolmates' bags, they processed the data, asked their teachers for some advices, they wrote a letter and give it to their school manager. 
  • A group of 12 years old YTAS participated in journalism competition organized by a national newspaper. The article was about their participation in STARS.

City Facts

Inhabitants: 1,366,000

Number of primary schools: 150

Number of secondary schools: 96

Involved primary schools: 21

Involved secondary schools: 13 

Km roads & streets: 5,500 km

Km bicycle paths & lanes: 140 km

Car ownership 716,000

Children getting escorted by car: 41%