Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools

STARS Accreditation

The accreditation programme is focussing on empowering primary schools (pupils, teachers and parents) to engage in cycling. It is different to many previous programmes because it centres on the principle of recognition. Schools can work their way up an awards scale from bronze to gold star accreditation, based on how much they are doing to promote cycling (and other modes) and the mode shift they achieve.

STARS schools are encouraged to organise lessons and activities to promote cycling to and from school. A STARS Advisor gives advice, suggests tips and tricks, and develops STARS activity plans together with the schools. The STARS Europe programme has developed a standardised checklist with set criteria, allowing schools to achieve an accreditation level of Bronze, Silver or Gold.

More information about the STARS accreditation and how to get involved will be available on this page as the STARS project evolves. Please visit the accreditation page to see how schools are progressing with the scheme.